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Photography Workshops
Every now and then I will organise workshops on for example how to pose your models, communicating with them, and preparing for photo shoots from your side of the photo shoot.

Whenever a New Workshop is in the making it will show in the table above.
You may always request a workshop. I will look into how doable giving the workshop will be and keep you up to date of the progress.

Photoshop Lessons

Retouching is a very important part of photography, whether you want to make fantastic fantasy scenes, or just want to take very pretty pictures of something from out of this world.

In the first lessons we'll work on defining a goal for you to work towards, and discuss what kind of problems you've run into, and solve them over time. Learn the ins and out's of your digital art software, and how to use the tools they provide you with to create just the type of photo you want to make.
The lessons are weekly and last for 55 minutes. These lessons are available on any level photographer or photoretoucher, and to make the lessons most personal and valuable it is recommended to take these lessons alone.

We'll be working together on a picture you took, looking at a variety of aspects, such as
- Basic Retouch

- Composition of the picture

- Angles, poses, expression
- Color theory


We'll also in detail go over any basic or advanced techniques you might want to learn, such as for example:
- Dodging and burning

- Cutting out images
- Changing (hair/skin/whatever)color

- Luminosity masking

Needed materials:

- A laptop
- A digital art software, Photoshop CS5 or higher
- A mouse
( Optional ) - A drawing tablet (I recommend Wacom)


One-time trial lesson: €0
Weekly lessons for one person: €25 per week
One person lesson 5 lesson-card: €115 for 5 lessons


Current Available lesson times:

Monday: 20:00 - 22:00

Tuesday: 20:00 - 22:00

Portfolio session

To grow your photography skill it is important to review often what you've done so far. Every now and then you may find that you're stuck in the photography that you're doing, but can't seem to find a way around what gets you stuck. Often it's a good idea to look at your work together with someone so you can work out what's missing together, and get new insights on your work.

When you need a portfolio review I welcome you in my studio for an afternoon of sharing experiences, tips and tricks and to go over your portfolio together. I will give you very personal advise, that focus on getting out of your own comfort zone where needed. You'll get some personal guidelines and exercises after the session.

Things I can help you with are for example:
- Composition of the picture

- Angles, poses, expressions
- Details in your picture
- Color theory
- Story of your image.
- Retouching tips

But also advise on how to talk to your model, an how to tell him or her how to pose, etc.


What you'll need to bring:

Bring a nice portfolio of at least 12 of your best works and prepare some questions, the more you ask, the more you'll learn and you'll get the most out of it!


Alternatively, If you're not able to come to the Studio because It's far away, we can do it over skype. You still have to prepare though, then we'll be able to look through your work smoothly and the more questions you have properly prepared, the more you'll learn!

Portfolio Improvement
Talking about your portfolio goes a long way and helps you out quite a lot when you're stuck, or helps you walk new paths in your photography Journey. Come back for a second Portfolio review to see how much your skill has grown and have your personal guidelines and exercises fine-tuned, so that you can continue to learn.

The most effective way to learn, and get the most out of your portfolio reviews is by getting coached for an entire year. At the end of the first coaching session we'll set goals for where you want to be with your photography skill next year. Every three months we'll re-evaluate your portfolio for a constant improvement. You may ask me questions in between, and after the year we'll have an end evaluation, to see how far we've gotten to your goal.
By the end of the year you will have gained the skill to self evaluate your portfolio, and you'll be able to recognise the borders of your comfort zone and what holds you back. You'll have learned how to solve problems in your photography through various ways.
Results depend on how much effort you put into growing your portfolio in between coaching sessions of course.


Portfolio Review in the studio, two hour session: €65,-
Portfolio Review(2hr) + Improvement return appointment: €120,-
One year Portfolio Coaching(5 sessions): €275,-

Student discount: If you're a student, you'll get 15% off any Portfolio package.


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